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This program was created to foster a deep connection to the city that we live in and the plants that inhabit it. We will do this through exploration, cultivation, & engagement with the many wild and weedy plants that surround us. With this intention in mind, we will be taking advantage of the numerous wild places in New Orleans as well as some lovely tended garden spaces rather than venturing out of the city. In addition, we will work closely with a garden to learn propagation techniques and to supply many of our plant needs. In this way, we will focus on the plants around us to take pressure off the plants growing in wilder places. Cultivating these skills builds personal and communal health sovereignty and circumvents rampant wildcrafting culture so that we can respectfully connect with our plant allies and acknowledge the connection of individual health with the health of the more-than-human world.

Throughout this program we will learn how to speak the language of the plants, a language that was once known and understood universally. By becoming better versed in this form of communication, we will go deeper with our medicine and create a platform for intuitively understanding why we would choose one herb over another as an ally. Working with the seasons and the moons, we will reclaim these connections and weave this ancient knowledge back into our lives while also acknowledging and discussing the impacts of cultural appropriation on our work. The primary aim of this program is to create an intimate space to reconnect with the more than human world so that we can begin to address our personal health challenges and those of the ones close to us with reverence and ethical consideration.


A program of deeper exploration and plant intimacy will be offered in the future.