Samara School of Community Herbalism is rooted in bioregional medicine and community health. The school is focused on reclaiming our connection to plant medicine through kitchen medicine, local plants, medicine making techniques, and learning how to speak the language of the plants that surround us using traditional western herbalism concepts.

In a city setting, it can be difficult to find places to wildcraft and harvest medicine so we will work with a local community garden, SpeakEasy Farm, to learn cultivation of medicinal herbs that are easily grown here and to have access to healthy medicine. More details can be found here and here.


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The classroom and all of our field trips will be in New Orleans and the surrounding area. In this way, we will gain a deeper intimacy with the city we live in and the plants that inhabit it. Much of our time will be spent outside, either in the wild spaces of New Orleans or at our field classroom at SpeakEasy Farms.