The Reclaim program will cover:

– Medicine making skills to include drying herbs, water based extracts, tincturing by various methods and menstruums, topical treatments, sweet medicines, and mushroom double extractions

– Wildcrafting ethics and plant harvesting techniques

– Basic botany and plant identification

– Basic medicinal plant propagation & cultivation specific to New Orleans

– History of healthcare and Western herbalism

– Vitalist theory and application

– Food as Medicine to include recipes and preparations

– Kitchen medicine with an emphasis on affordable and accessible preparations

– Living with the seasons and incorporating herbal medicines into ritual & ceremony

– Energetics of herbal medicines and how to apply them

– Tastes of plant medicine and how to use these to understand the actions of the herb

– Exploring herbal actions

– Health justice, health sovereignty, & community herbalism

– Materia medica of dozens of local wild and weedy and locally grown plants

– Herbal First Aid